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KIKASS musicals you need to know about…

By October 20, 2018No Comments

As music is FKIN bat shit at the moment, i thought id do a different kinda post and show you 5 musicals that I love.

Probably my FAV musical of all time… Little Shop of Horrors

OK, this may have passed as soft porn a little. Plus I had a huge obsession with Christain Bale, used too. Newsies

Putting Grease would be too easy, plus it doesn’t have the KIKASS Michelle Pfeiffer. Grease 2 (The most underrated film.)

This is one of my ALL TIME FAV FILMS!!! and probably my best romantic film. Moulin Rouge

Yes, it’s true. Though, it prob doesn’t surprise any of you as I used this song for me and Skips break up… High School Musical 2

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