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As I get so many questions about SEX I thought, fuck it! I will start doing LIVE video sessions on my social media answering all your questions about SEX. Or attempting to use my huge sexual experience to do so…  The first one will be at my Instagram Story page in one hour! That’s 230pm Aussie time. But don’t worry I know I have followers from all over the globe so I will be doing these sessions at random hours on random days. But you have to be following me on my InstagramTwitter or YouTube accounts to be a part of these sessions. I will advertise an hour b4 logging on and tell you which platform Ill be on. The sessions will jump between the more PG Instagram and Youtube accounts, to my more XXX Twitter account where I can also ‘show’ as well as talk.

So if you have any SEX questions or questions for me about sex as a PORN STAR, sex worker or lover log on, subscribe, and get asking, or just share your own experiences with me and my followers.

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