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By May 27, 2019No Comments

What is a “KONG LOAD”? Let’s start way back at the beginning, I remember watching Christain Bale in American Psycho in that scene when he is fucking those girls, completely ignoring them and watching himself pose in the mirror and I got the hardest chubby. It triggered something inside me that was lying dormant waiting to explode. That moment I knew there was an animal in me that needed to be released upon the world. Or at least to begin with, upon the bedroom where I was having commercial vanilla sex cause I was too scared to have the kind of sex I wanted to be having. So first came using mirrors and then also emphasized by my passion for bodybuilding, simultaneously came the flexing in the mirror or in front of the guy I was dominating.
I quickly discovered a quick way for me to blow my load is by getting a guy to jack me off as I watch myself flex in the mirror or in front of him. The classic double bicep pose does it all the time. The combination of feeling my meaty cock in his hands, knowing how much he’s in lust and amazed by how thick it is, added by me showing off how huge, hairy and muscular I am and watching his eyes open in appreciation, always makes me blow my thick seed.
Though lately, it has evolved even further, or maybe I should say, regressed to a much more primitive, animalistic display of being the alpha. I’ve started beating my chest just as gorillas do, as Kong did. So if you know me you already know I like being punched when I’m fucking guys, in my abs and chest, only now I beat my chest as hard as I can till my load bursts out of my fat cock.

Introducing the KONG LOAD.

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