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Ok, so I have spoken about how I prefer not to film with other porn actors and find ordinary guys who are just hungry for my cock that they are willing to let me film me destroying them. Some do it to kickstart their careers like UK’s “IT” boy John Thomas or the hot Spanish guys Leo Grin and Joe Gillis … others get off on me owning their fuck holes in front of the world. And some just do it so they can get a ride on my fat cock, and they know it’s the only way (besides paying for it) that they can achieve it. Then there are the guys that I come across that I chase to film with me cause I know how hot we would look on film, THEN there are the guys that I chase to film with me that I also end up having huge chemistry with! And it shows in those films and one of those guys is Ink Boy. You have already seen our first film that was accompanied by a Ro-Ri face fucking gagging film. Ink Boy 2 drops in November but a new RO-RI face fucking film just came out because I just can’t stop face fucking this kid as hard and deep as I can! AND it’s his Birthday. So do me a favor and jump on his twitter account Click Here and follow him and wish him happy bday…

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