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OK, I am now on a warpath to have all these fake assholes DESTROYED! They pretend to be me and also having my accounts taken down. Straight after reporting the last fake account, my account was deactivated. I don’t know if this was the asshole’s way of retaliation or Instagram’s idiotic system fucking up. Either way, if you give a shit about me help me remove these parasites, we have successfully done this before and we can do it again…

HERE are the links to the fake accounts YOU need to report!

Click here for @official_roganrichards

Click here for @richardsroganofficial

I appreciate YOUR HELP in this matter. This has really pissed me off, this is the 3rd account I have had taken down.

I have tried to contact Instagram through their extremely hard to navigate and convoluted contact and help system and have explained my situation to them as best I can.

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