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By December 30, 2019One Comment

“hope you don’t got dragged in that crap of bi porn”

This is what some idiot wrote to me on twitter after my video “Dick in a Cunt” with the sexy F2M Billy Vega dropped at my site. Firstly Billy is a bloke, how that translates to bi porn I’m not sure. Secondly, I fuck whatever I wanna fuck. I get that what gets you off may be limited to a narrow group of fetishes, luckily for you, my website had a vast diversity of fetishes for you to choose from. I will admit that starting my site and filming my sexual endeavors and adventures in front of an audience has encouraged me to explore greater aspects of my sexuality and kinks and fetishes. I would fuck a woman, trans, crossdresser as much as I would fuck a twink, fem or the ET312B Power Unit (when I experimented with Electrosex) and film it. I’ll try (almost) anything once, and I get turned on by filming with certain demographics for my followers to see how I dominate and own them. These are types of people I may or may not want to fuck in my personal life. The thing is, and what pisses me off is who gives a fuck who I’m fucking?! If you don’t like it don’t watch that particular film. And who I fuck doesn’t define who I am. It represents a single fuck in a single moment in time.

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