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5 days after my PA was put in…

By January 13, 2020No Comments

So here’s what I can tell you.

  1. Having foreskin alters the point where the metal will come out. I mentioned this in my original article but didn’t make a point of it, but when you have foreskin the piercer has to pierce your cock at an angle to miss the connective tissue.
  2. Your cock WILL bleed. I was told by some guys this lasted a few hours. My cock bled for 3 and a half days. Don’t freak out, this is normal and everyone’s body reacts differently. MAKE sure you stock up on man diapers!
  3. If you pull back your foreskin within 48hrs of the piercing you will probably make it bleed profusely. I did. I waited till the third night before I attempted to give my cock a semi-clean, 4 days before a proper one.
  4. Your piss will burn like a mother FKR if you don’t drink heaps of water to lessen its toxicity. This also means your up all night pissing. My mate, an infection doctor suggested I use Ural, used by women for urinary tract infection it helps decrease the toxicity. This information was too late for me, 4 days after my piercing, but maybe you could try it out… I don’t suggest using this instead of drinking water as pissing is 80% of your aftercare and will help the healing process but maybe just during the night so you can sleep.
  5. Didn’t need pain killers.

Guess this kinda covers the procedure, the next thing will be getting bigger metal. I was told by the piercer I need to wait 6 months. I will go with how I feel and how well I am healing, healed. I have been told when I go up the bleeding etc… well, that all happens again… Great, I just rolled my eyes by the way. So my goal is 00 in 12 months… Touch base with you guys when I fuck for the first time with this upgraded weapon.

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