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  • TreehuggerPower says:

    This is soooo hot! It’s the main reason I couldn’t help but subscribe!

    You gusys should check out this version with special effects!

    I was hoping by subscribing to this website I would get to see this again but longer with a thick Creamy ending….. hmmmmm Giant Rogan is sooooo hot!!!!

    • Hey man! I’ll make a longer version with a “giant” payload… That was always the plan but I’ve been so busy with other projects and restricted due to COVID that I haven’t been filming anything lately but plan on starting again real soon and this is on the “to-do list!”

  • Sebastian says:

    Seriously, your body is a thing of legend. I almost came handsfree in the first half a minute. If anyone deserves the title of fucking god, it’s you.

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