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A guy sent me this HOT KIKASS short story he wrote about me. Thought I’d share it with the world…

Urgent Care Doctor: by Caleb Cameron

So I went into the doctor’s office with this medical emergency.

I sat waiting in the doctor’s waiting area. I could feel the 3 rubber pieces of dildo filling my asshole. It was uncomfortable to sit there. I wondered if the guys around me could tell that I had something so far up my hole?

I shifted around in my chair, and I felt like everyone knew. I could tell that my boner was showing through my sweatpants too. Several guys around me couldn’t stop looking at the bulge in my pants… the metal cock ring around my cock and balls was so tight that my dick felt like it was about to explode. And the rubber pieces of dildo filling my asshole and pushing up against my prostate made it impossible to control my hard-on.

Finally, the doctor’s office door opened. He calls my name, “Dillon?”

I stand up awkwardly and start walking towards the door. I’m holding my boner down with a finger, but the guys in the room snicker as they watch me walk awkwardly towards the doctor. It’s not small.

When I get to the doctor’s open door I realize that he’s not alone. There’s a massive muscular male nurse sitting at a desk beside the doctor. He has a dark beard and glances up at me with a nod.

The doctor is bald and quite muscular himself, with a greying beard and hairy forearms. His sleeves are rolled up and he motions for me to come in and sit down beside the nurse. I walk to stand beside the nurse who glances immediately at my boner. I ask, “Do you mind if I stand?”

Awkwardly, I explain the situation: the metal cock ring around my penis and my balls.

Before I can continue the doctor tells me to lower my pants. He closes and locks the door. “This is Rogan, assisting me today.”

The muscular nurse, Rogan, stands up and his muscles bulge through his scrubs. His penis is very obvious as it hangs low bulging from inside the scrubs as well. He faces me without hesitation.

“Now?” I ask. “Right here in front of… both of you?”

“Yes, please. I need to see what we’re dealing with.” He assures.

I untie my sweatpants while they both look intently at my crotch. As I lower my sweat pants my boner pops out, standing full on hard. They are both visibly surprised at how hard my penis is. Rogan stares at my large penis and places one hand on my ass cheek as he kneels down beside it to examine. His fingers settle right inside my ass crack. My hard-on surges with blood again.

The doctor slides his chair close to my raging hard penis beside Rogan. Their faces are right next to my bulging cock head. He touches my penis gently as Rogan almost pushes me closer to the doctor with his hand on my ass. Again, it surges with blood and excitement. I moan and they both look up to me.

“I also have another problem doctor.” I say. Then I look helplessly to Rogan with his fingers almost slipping inside, “I have three pieces of a rubber dildo lodged inside my asshole, doctor.”

The doctor moves his chair away slightly and looks up at me. “Right now?” He exclaims. “Lodged in your anal cavity, as we speak?”

“Yes, doctor. I am a little embarrassed about it but I really need your help.” I continue. “The pieces of rubber dildo are filling my anal cavity and pressing against my prostate. So that is why my erection is so hard. I can’t seem to get it to go down. And when I try to pull the rubber pieces from my hole with my fingers, my penis feels like it’s going to explode.”

As I’m speaking Rogan’s fingers seem to slide further and further in between my butt cheeks.

The doctor decides, “I need you to turn around and bend over the table, Dillon.”

As I do so, Rogan wrestles my sweats all the way to the floor eagerly. “Rogan is a very capable nurse, Dillon. He is going to have a lookup inside you and see what we can do in there for you. Okay, Dillon?”

Rogan stands behind me as I’m bent over the table. He very loudly slides rubber gloves over each of his large, hairy hands, and sits down behind me. He carefully puts both of his large hands on the sides of my ass. I can feel my asshole spreading open. And I can feel Rogan’s warm breath against my open hole as he looks inside me.

The doctor also leans in closely as Rogan pulls open my butt cheeks further for them to look inside.

“Oh that hurts.” I say.

“Please take a deep breath, Dillon, we’re going to open your hole wide and feel inside.” The doctor reassures me. “Rogan is going to need to penetrate your anus with his finger first so he can feel the objects inside of you.”

“Yes, sir.” I agree.

I feel one hand lift away from my butt cheek. And Rogan’s breath is no longer warming my asshole. He dips one of his fingers into a jar of lube held by the doctor.

“Dillon?” the doctor asks, “Can you help me by reaching around with your hands and pulling your butt cheeks open wide for Rogan?”

“ Yes sir. Whatever you need, doctor.”

Rogan‘s breath is once again hot against my hole. I can feel him close. I can feel his eyes looking up inside of me.

I oblige them as I rest my face on the medical table and reach around to spread my butt open for my new intimate friend, Rogan. He rubs the lube around my asshole and I feel the pressure of his finger as he breathes hard against my asshole one more time.

“Breathe deeply,” The doctor tells me. “And now Rogan is going to penetr—“

“Ohhhh God!” I moan.

Rogan is all the way inside me with his finger. He pushes his finger in further and touches one piece of dildo inside of me. I struggle. I am helpless.

“Oh sorry dude,” Rogan apologizes with a rugged tone. “If I can just get another finger or my thumb in there, that’ll make it easier on you, Dillon”.

Rogan pulls out his finger and then dips two fingers in the lube and hastily reopens my butt hole, now with his two meaty fingers he is rummaging around in my hole. With his other hand, he is pulling my hands to open my hole even further for him.

“How does that feel?” The doctor asks me.

“It feels very intense, doctor.” I admit. “It hurts a lot.”

Rogan twists and turns his fingers inside my hole. I can feel his eyes and his breath against my butt cheeks, gazing into my open rectum.

“I’m working as fast as I can, my friend.” Rogan assures me. He spreads his two fingers apart inside of me and I moan.

“What do you feel in there, Rogan?” The doctor asks, almost excitedly.

“I have identified two of the rubber objects, doctor.” Rogan responds, never taking his intense gaze away from my helpless, open asshole. “But I will need to get my thumb up into Dillon’s anal cavity as well if I am to get a hold of one of the objects.” He pushes in and twists again, feeling all angles with his fingers again and again.

“Dillon, how are you doing?” The doctor asks gently rubbing my hand as it holds open wide my butthole for these two men to see deep inside! “Do you think you can handle just one more of Rogan’s fingers inside of your tight hole? I know this is invasive, but just a bit more relaxing and spreading your hole for us and we can get deeper.”

“But my penis, doctor!” I exclaim.

The doctor reaches under Rogan and between my legs and carefully takes a hold of my intensely engorged and erect penis. It is dripping with precum and purple with blood flow.

Rogan recklessly presses his two fingers deep inside again into my whole and my penis throbs with the thrill of excitement.

“Careful, Rogan!” the doctor warns. “We need to take care of this erection first!”

Next thing I know I am on my back with my legs up in stirrups. Rogan sits between my legs, close against my helpless asshole at the edge of the medical table. He has a hand on my hard dick and a finger in my hole while the doctor is taking notes at his desk.

A knock at the door and the doctor opens the door to another nurse, blonde and tall. He enters the room and stares in disbelief. Rogan sits fingering my hole, waiting with some medical tools that I cannot see. He looks up to the blonde stranger and nods as he jams his finger in again and twists his arm all the way around feeling all of my insides again.

“Wow.” Rogan says with a slight smile. His free hand subtly adjusts his growing boner.

The new male nurse observes me, completely naked and spread out wide on the table. He stares uncomfortably at Rogan’s hands caressing my hard penis and filling my rectum. He looks from my hole to my face and back again. He seems to be VERY uncomfortable with all of this.

“You said you needed my help, Doctor?” The nurse asks.

“Benjamin,” the doctor says, “Thank you for coming. I need for you to stand by the patient, Dillon, hold his hand, and rub on his chest a little bit while we remove the objects from his rectum and the metal ring from around his penis.”

Benjamin walks awkwardly around to me and hesitates as he places his hands on my chest. His fingers brush across my nipples and I am visibly affected.

“Does that help at all”. Benjamin asks.

“Yes thank you very much.” I respond as I look up at him.

Benjamin is tall and big, in-shape, but young. I can only imagine he is straight and naive, judging by the disgusted look on his face. As he stands beside me it becomes apparent that he has a very large penis that is bulging through his medical scrubs and pressing against my elbow, but he doesn’t even seem to take notice of where he is leaning.

The doctor joins Rogan between my legs and they look intently into my asshole.

As Rogan starts to enter my asshole again, the doctor rubs on my erection. Benjamin can’t look away.

Rogan works so deep inside my hole with his fingers… it feels like his entire fist is in there at time. As Rogan pumped me, the doctor finally got me to cum and I sprayed all over them both.

They didn’t even clean me up, they just continue inside my hole as my dick begins to deflate. Finally, Rogan manages to remove the rubber objects from deep inside my ass, but the doctor is worried about the sudden closure of my open hole. And he wants to keep it open for a while for further observation.

Rogan places the third piece of dildo to the side, perfectly clean except for lube and moisture from my wet hole. He sets it down and turns to find a medical tool.

The doctor holds open my hole with his fingers, desperate to keep the opening from collapsing closed.

Rogan can’t seem to find the correct medical dildo (or doesn’t want to) and he is rummaging to find it.

The doc leaves my hole for a moment to help him search. I moan as the pressure of my rectum begins to close up.

Rogan is thinking quickly. He returns to between my legs, lowers his medical scrubs and easily slides his massive bulging cock head just into my open hole. I let out a huge sigh of relief as he begins to massage just the tip of his bulbous cock head in and out of me gently. He is just keeping the opening of my anal cavity expanded. I tighten my hole around his cock head and he glances up at me with unexpected extra pleasure. His cock head grows even larger.

“Quick thinking, Rogan!!” The doctor applauds.

Benjamin looks on as Rogan caresses my legs and lingers with his dickhead inside me, staring at me. I notice that Benjamin’s dick has hardened against my elbow and is growing inside his scrubs.

Just then there is a knock at the door. An older gentleman pokes his head in and addresses the doctor. Rogan continues sliding into me a little further, taking every moment as an opportunity.

“That’s good, Rogan. Hold that position.” the doctor confirms.

The man at the door asks, “Is now a good time for rounds with the medical students, doctor?”

“Dillon? Do you mind?” Doc asks me. “This could be a great teaching moment for them.” Benjamin puts his hands again on my chest and rubs my nipples.

“Oh, god.” I moan. That’s fine, I guess, Doctor.”

Benjamin smiles down at me and now his own hardened cock brushes up against my shoulder. He seems quite a bit more comfortable now.

As Rogan slides his penis fully inside of me I can feel his coarse pubic hair against my ass.

The office door swings wide open as the med students enter. Even the waiting room gets a clear view of my legs in the air, and my ass full of muscle dick.

Rogan is not bothered at all as he greets each of the med students with a proud smile. They begin to surround me on the medical table, one by one. All male students and all young and eager. Each one looks down at Rogan’s massive penis as it slides all the way out of my hole, and then thrusts back inside. It is fully enveloped by my open hole. My legs are up high. My butt is incapable of protest. And I have given in to this medical fucking.

All of the students gawk eagerly at the scene, with my legs open in the stirrups and Rogan feels free to fully fuck me now, as the doctor begins.

“Rogan, can you take it in & out at a good pace, simply to keep the area active?” The doctor requests.

Rogan slides almost all of his rock hard penis out. Everyone leans in to look as the doctor touches my gaping hole. Then he thrusts back into me as one of the med students finally decides to close the office door to the waiting room, staring.

“Rogan, your thinking was so quick! Great job today!” The doctor affirms Rogan and his penis actually grows inside of me as he smiles and takes all the credit deserved.

The doctor continues to explain the situation to the students while Rogan takes his time fucking me for all to see. Every now & again he catches my eye and winks with a smirk, and his massive cock pulsates hard again inside me, and it just goes on and on and on.

My legs are open wide and completely relaxed taking this dick while Benjamin rubs my nipples and each young med student observes my open hole being fucked. The doctor describes each part of what has happened and directs their attention to my hole again and again even sliding a finger around Ben’s dick as it fucks me harder and harder. And he picks up each rubber dildo to show them how it was lodged inside of me pressing the prostate and causing a firmer erection.

The conversation obviously excites both Rogan and Benjamin whose penises bulge and pulsate with excitement against my shoulder and inside my hole, respectively.

Later that day, the doctor asked to keep me overnight for observation. With Rogan’s dick juices still dripping from my asshole, I also got fucked by seven of those same med students, separately. Each came back by my room to ‘check on me.’ As soon as they closed the door, each one assured me how I needed further examination. Each one showed proof of health screenings and then continued to lay their seed inside me, claiming doctor privilege.

Each one wanted so badly to fuck me bareback and cum inside because they’d been so turned on. Rogan walked in on the first two guys fucking me. Then he just stayed and watched, proud of himself… and proud of me for taking so much cum.

After the first one, he made me agree to let him fuck my mouth while each one fucked my wet hole. He felt responsible after all.

Rogan got so turned on while I sucked his dick and these young med students fucked me raw, that he actually came in my mouth 3 or 4 times.

Finally, late that night, Benjamin, the other nurse slipped quietly into the room. He was in street clothes, off the clock. He was drunk apparently. But he pulled a MASSIVE cock out of his jeans and pulled my legs off the bed. He spits on his dick and shoved it in. The only way I could take such a big dick was for all the fucking I’d had all day. He pounded me like a bitch. He took out all his aggression on my ass. I moaned as I buried my face in the pillow and took the massive white straight boy’s dick. Harder and harder he fucked me.

Finally, I heard the door open and Rogan came in.

“Mmmm hmm! I knew it.” Rogan said as he pulled out his dick again and slid it into my mouth. They fucked me so hard together. One in my mouth & down my throat. The other so far up inside my ass he was punching into my stomach. They both shot loads so hard inside me that I died.

The end.


If you have written a short about me make sure you send it to me so I can post it up!

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