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So I got this question in my contact me section and thought it was an important one to share with all you ROganites.

The Question:
Hi, sorry to bother you, I’ve seen you have talked quite a bit about pumping and bout a pump today but after first time using it and looking up some stuff have come across some info I thought to may be able to clarify from you experience. Can using a penis pump cause erectile dysfunction if you don’t already have it (still get erections naturally)? Would really appreciate your perspective, thanks.

My answer:
Proper usage should never cause any problems or damage to your penis. I have been pumping for over 2 years now and it hasn’t caused any erectile disfunction to my cock. Like anything you just have to be smart about it, read the instructions, watch the videos on YouTube, and most importantly listen to your body. There have been days when I have started to pump but then it felt wrong, or was uncomfortable or hurt… if any of these things happen don’t FKIN force it, stop. Try again tomorrow.

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