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Well the obvious reason for the dramatic absence of me on sex (themed) sites or gay apps is I have a tear in my cock, haven’t actively had a hard-on for over a week and there’s no reason to have these active. Also, I deactivated my work WhatsApp number cause that number is public domain and I get messages from so many time wasters, wankers and random guys I don’t give a fuck about and didn’t want to have to deal with that negative side of my career during this uncomfortable time or have to respond or ignore text message from guys I don’t know, asking me what happened? or if I’m ok? Unfortunately, there are many guys, peers, and mates, people I care about, that also use that number to communicate with me and I apologize to you guys that I cut you off but I didn’t know any other way to remove the unwanted static and I figure if you REALLY want to contact me you can find an alternative way. I will activate my WhatsApp when I’m back up and ready to start smashing it which will be sooner than later. I’m thinking of reactivating my Rent Men profile for muscle worship while my cock heals.

Now I talked about the negative side of my career and life but I want to also address the amazing followers I have who are so supportive, protective, loyal, understanding and caring. I am humbled and so FKIN moved that I have such KIKASS followers! You guys keep me being me, you guys inspire me, you guys reassure me that what I do is heard and you get me!

AND to the MEMBERS of my website! I can’t thank you ENOUGH!!!! During this terrible time, you literally are financially supporting me!  So THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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