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My ensuing riposte to this obdurate exogenous attack on the vicissitudes of my life choices!

By March 10, 2020No Comments

what he said;

what I said;

I’m an advocate for not self-shaming and if you truly love yourself and accept yourself for who you are that’s amazing now you need to try and do the same for others or your just an egomaniac like all the other self-centered assholes out there. I might not agree with other people’s choices but I respect them to make their own choices and do what they chose to be happy. I expect others to do the same to me. Sure, if I didn’t have a ring in my dick I couldn’t tear it out. But it was purely an accident and if I want to be actively negative about it I could start blaming the decision to have Chem sex or wear leather. But why would you adhere to “what if’s” they are non-productive and will only lead to self-doubt and pain. If you’re naive enough to blame my lifestyle and passions for the damage I had done, your very closed-minded and obviously have an agenda. I have absolutely no regrets, just a few FKIN mistakes. None of which have anything to do with my piercings, ink, bodybuilding or way I choose to live my life.

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