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By March 29, 2020One Comment

Found this on Pornhub, well the The_Barry_Bear found it, I thought it was cool.

People’s comments were funny and always verge on the negative. It never fails to amaze me how gay guys seem so driven to shoot other gay guys down. (I totally blame Ru Paul’s Drag Race!)

CLICK HERE to watch the video.



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  • Nicholas says:

    I saw that video the other day and saw your comment! At first I thought someone was impersonating you but after reading a couple of them I was sure it was you. When you see videos of yourself on sites like pornhub, do you report them or just ignore them? Also, sorry about your dick. I’ve been getting far more “acquainted” with mine during this quarantine so I hope you take the time to heal. Im rooting for you! I mean, quarantine and two Australian tragedies(wildfires and your meat)? Fuck 2020.

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