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As I say in the video A BIG THANK YOU for all the members at my site – you guys are allowing me to get through COVID with a smile on my face and hard-on in my pants! I know ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Social Distancing’ has helped stop the spread of this deadly virus but it has caused so many more problems including,



Substance abuse

Sleep deprivation

Mental Illness

Personal and Relationship break downs

Financial ruin

Career losses

And the list goes on…

We need to support one another however we can. I have had so many messages from guys telling me  I am getting them through this fucked up time and that guys, means the FKIN world to me! That’s all I want to do right now. That’s why I dropped my website price so that it provides me with the bare minimum to survive and allows my members to stay with me and new ones to join up now while they’re stuck in lockdown and need to get off, have a good laugh or an entertaining or educating read.

AND it helps me stay active both mind and body. I am busier now than ever updating the site, promoting it, and getting plenty of new content on there to keep you guys happy…

This isn’t going to end soon. We need to stay positive, stay strong and you need to cum. So let me help you with all those three things.

SAFE SEX has never been so FKIN FILTHY!

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