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me WEBSITE turns 4!

By April 9, 2020No Comments

Here we are I’m FKIN 40 and my website is 4! I feel like it was only yesterday I started this crazy journey but so much has happened and I have changed so much and the great thing is I just get bigger and better and more filthy as the years go by. Through this website, I get to do me and everything I’m passionate about for a living and to keep exploring all these aspects of my life and changing. When I fuck up and fail I really fuck up and fail, it doesn’t get much worse than tearing your cock open! But then I succeed and get such amazing and inspiring feedback from you guys. It’s a really fucked up time with COVID-19 and I feel so lucky to still be able to celebrate and keep working through my website and most importantly to keep entertaining and getting you guys off – if there ever was a time to let the edge off and blow ya few loads – it’s fKIN now!

So thank you for all the support, encouragement and love. Thank you for making my website more in demand than when it first launched. I have always said there’s no me without you! I just turned 40, I’m alone in my room in lockdown and got Madonna Ciao Italia on my 2nd screen and I’m typing this post to you guys and honestly (besides being in my man’s ass hole, who’s in the UK) I couldn’t be more satisfied and happy.

Here’s to another 4 years of pushing myself as a bodybuilder, sexual animal, and human being and doing it all in front of you right here at my website and it reaching more and more people…

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