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By April 27, 2020No Comments

Lockdown has caused many people to suffer incredibly. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, isolation-induced mental illness, emotional trauma, personal and relationship breakdowns, substance abuse, and the list goes on… And the most fucked up thing is these people are suffering in isolation, completely locked off from their partners, family or mates to provide any type of comfort or support. Yes, there are support groups these people can reach out too, but these are people that don’t reach out for help and are more used to taking all the pain in alone and closing down from the outside world. I know ’cause that’s what I do. I suffer from depression and sleep deprivation, my sleep has been fucked since I tore my cock and COVID has just kept my insomnia going, I’m lucky to get a good nights sleep once a week. I’ve managed to stay on top of my depression (with a few close calls) but I can’t say the same for other people I know and love and the fact that I can’t go give them a huge gorilla hug and protect them is killing me.

Time will show us if lockdown was the best thing to do after the virus is under control what happens to all of those that have been emotionally, physically, and financially destroyed by this? What is the positive effect in the long run with all these terrible consequences? I know I am sheltered here in Australia which gives me a naive view on COVID, I have had no one die that I know from it but I know friends that have lost their homes, jobs, I may have lost the most important person in my life, so right now I say FK YOU to COVID and FK YOU to LOCKDOWN.

If you are in a position to reach out and give your friend, family, or partner a call, send them a gift or do something to show them they’re not alone, to make them smile or help them out in any way or means you can please do so. More than ever we need to be there for those people we care about, we gotta be strong and stay positive and give those who aren’t some of that positive shit to help them get through this…

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