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By May 18, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

I got so many messages about how hot PUBLIC PARK 2 was but that was just a warm-up and SNEAKERS was the main event. You can smell the sexual energy between ROGAN and VAL PARKER!

Then you got the second part to the YouTube video below as the RO-RI film BEAST MODE where ROGAN makes his root muscle worship his pumped oiled up thick muscles.

The same can be said about JOCKSTRAPS 2, in part one you saw ROGAN make GayUKBBOTTOM his obedient SUB but in part two you see him completely destroy his fuck hole! These two fuck like there’s no tomorrow. Check out the video below to see ROGAN piss on GayUKBBottom…

Keeping the muscle worship going, because the only thing ROGAN likes better than showing off his huge hairy muscular physique is getting a guy to worship it, you also got the RO-RI film MUSCLE PLAY 2.

And coming on the 26th May the last film introduces ZAK BRAY to ROGAN’S muscle pup team in the film DRILLING ZAK. Stay tuned…

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