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As we are really starting to feel the effects of COVID-19 I am working from the moment I wake up to the time I go to bed to do my part in keeping you guys positive and horny! Between getting content ready for the web site, promoting the shit outta it, CAM shows, customized videos, shop sales, and keeping my physique as GODLY ALPHA as possible – I don’t have time to scratch my FKIN ass. (Any SUBS wanna volunteer?)

In May instead of 2 XXX releases you are getting FIVE! And bloody jack your cock or finger your hole raw kinda films! The first to drop is the second film with me and VAL PARKER who you were introduced to in PUBLIC PARK 2

and if you thought that was hot wait till you see me absolutely destroy his hot muscle ass fuck hole in SNEAKERS I was seriously jacking off to this nonstop while I was editing it. Here’s a sneak peek…

And stay tuned for more updates during May, there are 4 other FKIN hot films cumming!

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