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By June 8, 2020One Comment


So apparently “I couldn’t care less for the BLM movement” because I have decided not to plaster my social media with BLM posts. I have also been called out by a fan who made a point of stating that if I want to call my cock black I have to be posting Black rights posts. Funny how when I direct messaged that fan taking the time to explain myself and my decisions, he blocked me. Which tells me volumes about what kind of person that is regardless of skin colour.  I was disappointed that Zain Holt (@xampaign on twitter) called me out and basically said to take down our films if I didn’t post stuff up.

Firstly, I will not claim I can ever know what it feels like to be a black American, though as a country we have our own battles with heavy racism towards our indigenous community and even I have experienced how it feels to be bullied and teased by kids for my skin colour,

but I completely think BLACK LIVES MATTER and have said so. I appreciate it’s black people who have the spotlight on them right now and absolutely need to be heard. I support their movement and protests and acknowledge the extremities of their actions in order to be heard. And the topic of this article is purely about racial injustice and horrific inhuman actions from the white man against the black man, we will not distract from the importance of that by bringing in race culture or stereotypes. I don’t give a flying fuck if a Nike store was burnt or luted, it is the cause not the effect that needs to be addressed, something that is long overdue.

It is time to stop the unforgivable mindset that allows the death of George Floyd.

But I am not going to plaster your BLM posts all over my social media because you emotionally blackmail me or call me out. I will not allow you to use this time as an excuse to attack my loved ones who are the most just people I know and do more for racial injustice than those self-righteous white guys reposting black posts as a trend.  I have many black followers and friends who I love and they know who I am and how I live my life with equality and respect for all humanity. I have never allowed my brand to get involved in politics and though I fully understand and am an advocate for communication as a weapon against evil and I will address this matter as I have my whole life, by my interactions with people in my everyday life. And calling my cock black has only ever been for the most positive and self-affirming reasons.

And for the record, I believe BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED!

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  • Johnny West says:

    I love your honesty you have right to post whatever you want on your website. Well said. Keep creating your hot and sexy content.

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