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OK so I’ve been getting a lot of new questions about cockrings lately so let me answer all your questions here.


I first started wearing cockrings when I was a physique model and doing a lot of swimwear photoshoots because they help push your junk forward and fill out the garment you’re wearing. Highly recommend anyone who takes pics in underwear or swimwear to wear one, regardless if you’re hung like Rogan or like a normal human being.

BUT then I realized if I wore one while having sex it helped to stop my retractable right testicle from … retracting. This helped immensely as I was discovering at the time how much I loved to destroy ass and how FKIN amazing I was at it! SO I started wearing a cockring whenever I fucked ass. This then created a psychological connection between fucking and wearing one. So now I always wear one when I fuck and if I don’t it feels wrong like something is missing. SO i guess you could say I am now addicted to wearing cockrings and they have in turn become a fetish for me.

THIS works for me because from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep I need to be switched on sexually, as I may be booked to fuck a client, or for a cam show, or be filming something to post online, the fact is my entire career is based on a high sex drive that has to be switched on constantly. It’s like a shoulder who grabs a gun, a police officer who grabs his uniform, a drag queen who puts on her makeup, Freddy who puts on his glove, I put on a cockring and I’m set for world domination! Which is a 24hr gig 365 days a year!


I never wear metal rings for a few reasons, firstly I like cockrings that squeeze my junk tight or just slightly but I like to feel the pressure of the ring around my junk. Metal rings might look pretty but they play no function towards my arousal. Also, I tend to constantly change the rings I’m using during sex, to change grip or tension., like changing the gears on a car, and there’s no FKIN way I’ll get a metal cockring off or on when my junk is pumped without using a metal cutter!

SO I use silicone cockrings, 99% of them are all Oxballs. All the ones I am going to mention in this article are anyway. I used to be able to use thin rings (like the ones you get in the *Ringer packs) but now I find they cut into me, probably cause I usually end up double tying them for extreme tightness. SO I only use thicker rings. (like the Oxballs *PIG RINGS or *DIESEL rings.) For example, I am wearing a *PIG RING as I writs this cause it grips my junk enough for me to constantly feel pressure and have my testosterone heightened but not tight enough to hurt or distract me from muti-tasking. And if I was to jump up and start plowing an ass I would swap it for the *DIESEL one which is much tighter. What I love to do is get a stretchy ring that I can double or triple tie around my junk. Finding the right ring for you is difficult cause everyone’s junk is a different size and not only, but what I might consider tight you might consider loose and vise vera. It’s always an adventure in trial and error, I have bought many cokrings that I have used once and thrown away cause they were useless for me. After a while you discover the type that works for you and you keep using it. There are always so many new brands or types being released as well.

I hope that helps you guys out a bit and if you have any more questions you should contact my man Bruiser, I got him onto using cockrings and now he has a bigger collection than me! And I go to him for advice!

*PIG RING cockrings *DIESEL cockrings *RINGER cockrings

And we haven’t even talked about Ball stretchers!

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