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I am so hard when I edit these films!

By June 9, 2020July 30th, 2020No Comments

I am really proud of how far my website has come, growing more popular and stronger year after year with its KICKASS loyal cult followers. Even during this terrible time. The only thing more passionate than my members is the way I fuck guys which also evolves every year. I think a lot of my success comes from me continuing to push my limits and boundaries and my mission to capture that raw stinking animal fucking as best I can so that my viewers feel like they are right there in the room, being splashed with my testosterone-fueled sweat and ass juice! That, and the fact that I keep everything on my site real.

But like I am nothing without my members I am also nothing without the guys that allow me to film me destroying their holes. Some known porn actors, most random guys, and some anon. But whichever they are, they have inspired the beast to rage when we have met and for my films to be the best I can possibly make them. So to those sexy men, pups, subs, boys, and blokes, I say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

As my followers, I employ you to follow these amazing men on their twitter accounts…


CJ the Bearded Brit




Zak Bray

Italian 4 Muscle

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