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“Won’t let a stranger Give me a social disease”

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FETISH’S ARE FUN! People need to stop fearing what they don’t understand and respect what they don’t want to do as another person’s freedom of choice. Why attack or condemn someone else for having fun or exploring their sexuality in ways that don’t conform to the norm, narrow mindedness, or what another person has decided is right or wrong. I chose what is right or wrong for me. I make mistakes and I celebrate success. Don’t be a FKIN sheep, break free, open your eyes and your minds to a kaleidoscope of sexual adventures. And if you’re vanilla that’s absolutely OK too, just try and not think negatively about those of us that aren’t. Oh, and if I get the opportunity to put my PA back in my cock you can be damn sure that I will! ‬

A list of fetishes every gay man should know about with a 5 star rating   5⭐️’s = they can’t live without it. 1⭐️ = they don’t care if they never try it.

1. Katoptronophilia (Mirrors): is arousal from watching yourself get off (solo or with partners) in a mirror. Rogan 5X⭐️. Bruiser 5X⭐️.

Above: Flexing in the mirror in MAD3WAY part one while drilling Leo Grin

Rogan; “My obsession with mirrors all started the very first day I attempted masturbation with my hand, before that I would cum from doing crunches, but that’s a whole different story and how I got such great abs! I have no idea why, but I placed a chair in front of my wardrobe mirror, plunked my skinny ass on it, flopped out my cock, and started stroking. Later when I was a teenager, I would sneak downstairs while my parents were asleep, always making sure to skip that one step that creaked, to a mirror in the foyer. It had a downlight directly in front of it that would create the illusion that my twink body was way more muscled than it was. I would play and flex my pecs while I jacked off. (See 21. Tit/nipple play.) Flash forward to me as an adult and I incorporate mirrors into all my sex, including escorting, filming, hookups, or fucking my man Bruiser. He gets turned on watching me watch myself in the mirror as I fuck him! I’m just gonna make a quick mention to Cam Sex here, as I am more than not watching my screen not the other guys during a session.

2. Leather: “is one of the most commonly fetishized materials, and certainly one of the oldest. Tom of Finland’s 1970s drawings of biker boys, clad in impossibly form-fitting leather, solidified leather as a staple of gay culture. Today, the leather community is global, united by national and international leather competitions that celebrate this fetish at gatherings like the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, International Mr. Leather in Chicago, and Folsom Berlin.”* Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Dominating a sub in wearing my Eagle Leather from head to feet in Leather Master

Rogan; “I wanna mention Lycra and Rubber but not highlight these, I can’t handle wearing either from the discomfort of them pulling on my body hair! Those are a smooth gays fetish. I will always respect and admire leather but since my PA got torn out from getting caught on a guys harness I have stopped wearing it as much and would only do so for a specific reason like filming or a social event.” Rogan 3X⭐️.

3. Rope: this fuses art, kink, and fetish all into one. The art comes from the person tying the body in rope, accentuating the body’s contours, muscles, or well-endowed body parts. This includes the technique of suspending a man with the rope. The kink comes into play when the rope is used as bondage, restraining a sub or alpha to perform torture or arousal. Mix the two and you have a fetish! Rogan 3X⭐️.

Above: Letting Alex Scott tie me up for some serious nipple torture and gut and pec punching in HOODS 2 Tied Up

Rogan: “I have one film on my site called, ‘Tied up’. I would love to make more films where I’m tied up and have a bloke perform torture on me. For awhile I used a shoelace to tie off my cock and balls which would make me super rock hard, also if tied it to the sack of the guy I was fucking it turned into some nifty CBT.”

4. Used Clothes (Sweaty clothes): this is “such a common fetish item that big-name escorts, porn stars, and prominent sex figures can usually make a good buck selling their unwashed undies.”* Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Met up with UK Bottom straight after a massive gym session and shoved my ripe socks down his mouth as I destroy his ass in Jock Straps part two (coming soon)

Rogan: “I said ‘clothes’ instead of ‘underwear’ cause I sell as many smelly T-shirts and socks as I do underwear. I am much more into the next fetish, Olfactophilia, but when it comes to my sweaty clothes, I get off on thinking some random guy has my ripe jocks on his face while he jacks off. I also like to shove my jocks or socks into a guy’s face while I’m fucking him.”

5. Olfactophilia (Armpits, also known as Maschalagnia)/Feet/Ball sacks/Cock/Ass): is the sexual arousal caused by body odour. The most common areas of the body that cause this are armpits, the pubic area, assholes, and feet. (Not to be confused with the fetish of farts, Eproctophilia, or belching) Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Sam eating my sweaty pits out in MAD3WAY part two

Rogan: “Weather my body odor gets you pre-cumming in your pants or wanting to spray me with Lynx, I am globally known for being ripe. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t remember when my fascination with ripe pits started, the funny thing is I have an extremely weak sense of smell due to having my nose cauterised as a child, to stop consistent blood noses. So, most of the time I don’t smell myself until I really reek. I can remember three occasions where I have been told I need to put deodorant on, once was when I was GoGo dancing in, We-Ho at Revolver, and twice at two different gyms.

I love smelling me on a guy’s mouth during sex after he has licked out my pits. I extremely get off on Bruiser licking me out or falling asleep in my pits. Or us having sex and him smelling of me for hours afterward. Like I’ve tagged him, it’s making my cock hard just writing this. I also make it a point to not shower my cock after fucking Bruiser, especially if we are going to a gay event or sex party just so my cock already stinks of my man’s fuck hole. Speaking of which I also like it when my cock smells ripe. (However, I don’t like dick cheese or smegma! My attraction is to sweaty ripe stink not the other.)”

6. Uniform: Let’s keep this broad to any type of regular clothing used as a fetish, skateboarders, office suits, Firemen, Police, Sports gear and the list goes on…I will also add in Female stockings and or undergarments such as panties. Rogan 3X⭐️.

Above: Got to fuck a very sexy muscle jock in skimpy lace lingerie in LACE

Rogan; “I’ve never been into uniforms, the closest I get to getting off from anything from this list is sportswear. Though I so have a fetish for fucking a guy in women’s lingerie.  There’s psychological arousal from being the definitive alpha in that scenario that makes me hard. It’s why, if paid or for film, I can fuck a woman. But wouldn’t ever want to just for the fun of it unless it was a three-way with another super-hot muscle dude. Hugh hooters is a bonus!”

7. Piss play (Watersports): also called urolagnia, this is the fetish around urine itself as a sexual activity in which people enjoy getting peed on, peeing on others, and/or drinking urine. Rogan 3X⭐️. Bruiser

Above: Pissing all over A Real Gutfull

Rogan; “I really like the idea of pissing inside a guy as I fuck him or at least the idea of needing to piss and not stopping what we are doing and just letting it out inside his ass. The backlash to this is you basically are giving him a douche! (This doubles up as Klismaphilia or Enema fetish.) And as any gay man knows what the end result of a good douche is, you can end up in a messy situation! (Which is Salirophilia, the act of getting dirty or your partner dirty during or before sex.) So even though I’m turned on by pissing in a guy’s ass I’m less turned on by the clean-up afterward so more than not will refrain from doing so. BUT I am totally into a guy pissing on me/us as I fuck him or me pulling out to piss on him and then continuing to fuck him while we fuck in one or each other’s piss.”

8. Spit: ” is a nonsexual bodily fluid that gets fiercely fetishized. Piggy guys into spit enjoy getting spit on, spitting on others,” swapping spit, “using spit religiously in place of lube, and even drinking saliva.”* Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Making a sub open his mouth for me to spit in it in HOODS 4 Sub Boy

Rogan; “I discovered spit play through watching porn. I love it but can get quite particular about it. Like I can swap spit with Bruiser all day long and when we fuck there is a lot of spit being swapped between each other’s mouths. But if it’s a random guy and I’m not that into him or if he has bad breath, it can be a big turn off.”

9. Hoods/Masks: similar to Uniform fetish, we will group all and any headwear together here, excluding pup masks and or pup play as that’s a whole section dedicated to itself. Let’s also exclude urinal or piss funnel masks. So, gas masks, wrestling masks, leather or lycra hoods, masquerade and the list goes on. These are often used for anonymity, roleplay or sub wear. Rogan 3X⭐️.

Above: Hoods and bodybuilders are synonymous when it comes to porn, here I drill Zian’s sexy bubble ass in HOODS 8 Xampaign

Rogan; “I hate wearing anything that covers my face during sex, but I can appreciate the aesthetic or mood it can create. For example, my film Hoods 8 has me and a muscle sub both in hoods. The image of me as a huge, hooded, muscle alpha was quite powerful, and I did get off on seeing myself like that (afterward watching the footage back but not during). I once asked a client, when I found out he was a member of my site, what his favorite films were, and he said any of the Hoods series. I was curious as to what attracted him to those, and he said because having the guy I’m fucking in a hood makes him a prop and the focus of the film is completely on me. I have since had a newfound appreciation for hoods!”

10. Feet (Podophilia): “people love seeing, touching, licking, massaging, tickling (Knismolagnia), and getting” fucked “by feet.”* Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Making Delicious_FF service my alpha feet in Leather Pigs part six Feet Sub

Rogan; “I have always been fascinated by mens feet from childhood. I would find myself looking at guys bare feet. It only recently became a fetish for me while dating my X BF who got super hard when I made him lick my feet. At the same time my feet started getting a lot of attention on social media and from foot subs. Now it´s one of my favourite fetish´s.

11. Shoes: is very similar to ‘Used clothes’ and ‘Feet’ where they can be used in dom/sub play where the sub is forced to smell or lick the dom’s shoe. This can be taken further by the alpha making the sub breathe in his shoe stink by forcing his shoe onto the sub’s mouth as a makeshift breathing apparatus while he fucks the sub. (Often used socks or underwear are also used in this way.)  Shoes can also be a sexually aesthetic turn on just from being worn during sex. Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Wearing my iconic Jeremy Scott Yellow Adidas shoes in Brixton Couch

Rogan; “I made these Jeremy Scott, yellow Adidas high tops famous from always wearing them in porn, I had guys sending me images of them in a pair saying they bought them after seeing me wearing them. They also made me famous, which was the whole idea, when I started porn, I used certain gimmicks (Always wearing high-tops, amongst other things.) to set me apart from all the other hairy muscle daddies. But they served a practical purpose for me as well because I fuck so hard, I would fuck myself away from the guy’s ass and constantly have to shuffle back into him. By wearing shoes, it gave me extra grip so that didn’t happen. Like caps, high tops or runners play into a fetishized image of who I am.”

12. Coprophilia ( Skat.): “is sexual stimulation from faces, and while the general population’s response to it is bound to be pretty strong, this fetish is more common than you might suspect, particularly among gay pig players, fisting enthusiasts, and kinky leather men.”* Rogan1X⭐️.

Above: MC Skat Cat feat Paula Abdul in Skat Strut.

Rogan; “This does not turn me on. I have had two skat clients, one of which I wrote an article at my Blog, the other that I should write a follow-up article about. The second client mistook “I love my ass being eaten out” on my Rentmen profile as I love the shit being eaten out of it, which he hired me to do and boy did he do it! I didn’t mind and was happy to oblige, he was the loveliest old man, like a schoolteacher or something, and I was super curious. Me and that bloody curiosity!”

13. Agonophiliac: “covers a broad range of sexual arousal, from fighting paraphernalia (boxing gloves, protective cups, headgear, mouthpieces, satin trunks) and through the actual engagement in fighting (legitimate or fantasy). For those who actually fight the arousal is multi-dimensional. The combination of fighting gear, the physical contact with the opponent, inflicting and sustaining injury, and the actual fight is indescribable. Depending of the quality of the match, the sexual energy between the competitors, and the presence of spectators, some matches go to legitimate knockout, and sexual intercourse may follow with dominance and submissive roles determined by the outcome of the fight.” Rogan 5X ⭐️

Above: Sex Boxing this Berlin brut in Fight Porn 2

Rogan; “This is a fantasy of mine that I have yet to fully explore and practice as it is such a niche fetish. And I’m not talking about the lame gay wrestling you find in abundance on porn hubs that are all laughable! You get a glimpse of it in my film “Fight Porn 2″. But for me it is all about alpha vs alpha, chests puffed up smashing into one another’s, hard cocks grinding into the others, forehead against forehead. There’s always room for trash-talking but for me, it’s more animalistic than verbal. Like I wanna leave my humanity at the door and go head to head with another man, beast against beast. I’m not a big fan of wrestling only because I have no technical training and without direction, we usually end up rolling around aimlessly. Even my opponent I strained, I’m too big and strong for him to dominate and I don’t know what to do with him other than sit on him. There’s some attraction to the full-body contact element and to certain holds that might be more directed towards emphasizing strength and muscular development. My preferred choice of fighting is boxing. I want to really explore this fetish heaps more at my website and find guys who are into fighting me, no holds barred then optional if it turns into naked fucking. It really turns me on to have my boy Bruiser in the room filming his Daddy beat another alpha down into submission. Bruiser is into fighting as well, he and I are so sexually compatible, it’s beyond crazy – that boy even pushes my limits and challenges me sexually like no other man ever has. We have yet to do a no holds barred box-fuck but I bought us both, gloves and mouth guards so we’re ready…”

14. Agoraphilia (Exhibitionism/Sex in public/Beats/Voyeurism/Groups or threesomes): this is pretty explanatory, guys that liked to be watched or like the thrill of being caught. You can include Beats (Public places guys go for anon or organized sex in public, usually parks or toilet blocks.) Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: Making this bloke choke on my fat cock in Public Park

Rogan; “This is a complicated fetish for me. I’m a porn star so I’m obviously not shy for the world to see all of me. But having sex in a closed studio environment is very different from a sex party and different again to being outdoors and having groups of strangers watching you. The reason it’s complicated for me is my history as a super shy and socially awkward teen. Even now in groups or in front of an audience those insecurities can come back and make me impotent so I never really know how I will react in group situations. But the fight or flee response is how I taught myself to overcome my shyness so now part of the attraction to exhibitionism is forcing myself to do it for self-affirmation that I am no longer that scared little boy. This is completely psychological and not sexual.

On the other hand, I am really aroused by anon sex at beats or down dark alleyways, or unexpected and impromptu sex. One night in Spain I was walking down the street and passed a guy walking in the opposite direction, we exchanged a look that lingered till he turned to walk back towards me. He walked past and we nodded, then he turned the corner and I followed him, the adrenalin starting to rise in me and make my cock hard with anticipation. He found an alcove that hid us away from the main street and walked into it. I moved to stand in front of him and he grabbed my hard cock and I did the same to him. We pulled each other’s cock out and jacked each other off. I’m also extremely turned on by the thought of taking Bruiser to a beat or sauna just to fuck him in front of all the guys there.”

15. Cuckold: “is the fetish practice of watching your partner have sex with someone else, many definitions claim against the viewers will, but others say willingly. On one end is the masochistic cuckold enjoys humiliations, degradation, and other demeaning activities at the hands of another. On the opposite end is the alpha cuckold who has a direct say in who his partner sleeps with and when.” Rogan 3X⭐️.

Above: One of several club shows I did with the sexy John Thomas for Hard On London with my man watching from the crowd.

Rogan; “I think I get off most on tag-teaming Bruiser with other tops or tag-teaming a bottom with Bruiser than fucking another bottom and Bruiser at the same time. I think this is because I’m more comfortable having Bruiser be the center of attention than me cause I can’t relax if I’m worried about my boy feeling left out. This is partly a result of past experiences but also just how my head works. It’s definitely not a result of anything Bruiser has ever said or done, in fact, he often says he wants me to fuck him and a bottom together.”

16. Sthenolagnia (Muscle worship/power):  “is arousal from muscles and displays of strength. Both as an admirer and as the displayer” Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: I choke out this anon sub in a one-arm headlock in Muscle Power

Rogan; “it’s ALL about the FLEX!” is my slogan which is a dead give-away I’m all about this fetish! I remember seeing that scene from American Psycho, where Christian Bale is fucking those two girls and starts posing and flexing in the mirror, and my life was changed forever. I was already into male muscle from my bodybuilding father and his obsession with classic bodybuilders from the 70s and 80s as well as the barbarian films he would rent from the video store on a Friday night. Though even after seeing Christian Bale live out my ultimate fantasy, I was still too insecure to actually flex or even use a mirror while hooking up with another guy in case he laughed at me. Until I had my very first escort client who was into muscle worship and had set up his room with mirrors and told me to flex while I fucked him. The rest is history or a sub-category here at my Blog page called “Muscle worship” so click on it and have fun!

Muscle power is an extension of muscle worship that focusses more on physical strength than the aesthetics of the latter. When performing power, it’s a lot of picking guys up into the air, bear hugs, bench pressing them or carrying them on my back and doing squats. I have broken two men’s ribs from performing muscle power. Not really into this fetish, I’m not a fucking circus monkey!”

17. Macrophilia: is the fetish of oversized men, usually to the extremity of being giants. This is mostly explored through pictures and written stories but can be acted out on video, usually using toy cars or gummy bears to demonstrate the size difference of the giant man! Rogan 3X⭐️.

Above: A short film I made for my Macro fans. I also wrote a Macro short story, click here to read it!”

18. Paraphilic infantilism: is dressing up as a baby or being treated like one. (Also known as Autonepiophilia), this fetish constitutes a major community in the world of kink. Go to any kink convention and you’ll inevitably see a small number of people wearing adult diapers with pacifiers in their mouths.* Rogan 2X⭐️.

Above: In diapers after my PA was put in. Making some diaper films in the future is on my to-do list!

Rogan; “I became aware of this fetish by pure coincidence when I had my Prince Albert put in and thought it would be funny to post a picture up of me in an adult diaper. What shocked me was the number of messages from guys that are into this fetish, appreciating someone of my popularity (for lack of a better word) posting up a picture glorifying their fetish. Look, I have never claimed to be anyone’s poster boy, but I am all about accepting yourself which includes your fetish’s, no matter how weird or ridiculed you might be for doing so. Fuck anyone who wants to shoot you down for being different and if I can help just one guy out there to not be ashamed of his fetish from a simple gesture of posting up a pic then I’m all for it! Throughout my career, I am learning and growing as a person and being introduced to new fetishes. When my cock heals, I am gonna do some Diaper films cause the thought of doing it makes me happy, and isn’t that what life’s all about? Being happy. I wanna combine piss, muscle worship and diapers together by flexing in a pair of diapers and then pissing in them. And will hopefully get a lot of paraphiliacs off!”

19. Asphyxiophilia: arousal from asphyxiation or strangulation. As like most of the other fetishes, there are two roles. The receiver who gets off on having their airway blocked or controlled and the giver who blocks and controls the revivers breath. This can be during sex or apart from sex. The receiver can more often than not climax from blacking out or at least want to lose consciousness. THIS IS A DANGEROUS FETISH and if you are going to practice it be responsible and know how to deliver C.P.R. Rogan 4x⭐️. Bruiser 5X⭐️.

Above: Controlling CJ the Bearded Brit ‘s  breathe in Muscle Dominating CJ

Rogan; “I really like getting guys in a headlock and choking them out while I fuck them from behind. They wake up with my huge cock thrusting in and out of their ass and for a moment have no idea where they are or what is happening to them. The frantic look in their eyes is a massive turn on. One guy said the experience was like cumming without ejaculating.”

20. Tit/Nipple play: is getting off on having your tits played with, whether it’s chewed on, licked or kissed. This also includes and is more than not based around nipple play and using toys (or your hands/teeth etc.) applied to the nipple in various degrees of torture and pain to produce arousal. Rogan 5X⭐️.

Above: getting into some hardcore nipple play in Jack Off!

Rogan; “My tits and nipples are a direct link to my cock! Guys are so afraid to pinch down, squeeze or bite down on my nipples. I am constantly having to tell them, “Harder!” And there’s nothing better than when they’re on their backs and I’m drilling their hole with their hands squeezing my huge pecs as they flex and relax with each thrust. Then I tell them to squeeze my nipples… and then I tell them to squeeze them harder… and see the look on their face as they feel my hard cock get even harder inside them! Bruiser loves chewing on his Daddy’s tits. I can lie on my back and he lies on my chest sucking on my nipples looking up at me with those beautiful eyes of his. It is pure fucking ecstasy!”

Other fetishes that I thought were noteworthy to add are;

Ursusagalmatophilia is arousal from teddy bears — is technically a subcategory of Plushophilia, which is the sexual attraction to stuffed animals.

Capnolagnia: arousal triggered by watching others smoke.

Emetophilia: sexual arousal from vomit. Also known as Rainbow Play.

Forniphilia: human furniture play.

Pygophilia: attraction to the buttocks. Rogan; “I definitely have this one!”

Rhabdophilia: arousal from being beaten; arousal from punishment. Rogan; “Bruiser, is this you?”

*Taken from an article from “36 Fetishes Every Gay Man Should Know” by Alexander Cheves for the Advocate.
**Taken from the

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  • C says:

    Great list! Was not aware of a lot of the concise specific terms for these fetishes. Got me wondering if there is a specific term for penis size and comparison fetish (one of the fetishes I’m deeply into).

    • Hey man, there’s isn’t a name for this fetish (If someone one knows a name for it please comment and let us know!) other than terms like “Size Queen” etc. It’s an interesting fetish though as it involves so many different levels. Some guys get off on how big they are, some guys get off on how small they are (Humiliation) guys like me get off on cockfighting – comparing my fat cock size with other hung guys. Then there’s the stigma that goes with it where guys get insecure or self-conscious that they don’t look a certain size or way. Don’t be ashamed of what you have and don’t be ashamed of what gets you off.

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