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To all my eager followers who missed ut on the first ‘test’ release RO-RI Signature Dildo and have been asking me when they can get one… Here’s the UPDATE!

Firstly all your twitching ass holes will be happy to hear that the shipments have been made, the first shipment has already arrived in Melbourne, where Eagle Leather has their shop. For those who are just tuning in watch this …

SO Eagel and I decided to collaborate on making this dildo 6 years ago! And would have but the manufacturing company we were using to make it decided to close their factory floor down a few weeks before my dick was meant to go into mass production. So what took 6 years? Well, I would be here a long time telling you a ridiculous adventure filled with mishaps, stupid retail politics, and the problem of an independent artist and company trying to make a high-quality product within the budget they could afford, (And I swear a FKIN curse!) or I could just say, everything cums to those who wait! Only now COVID has Melbourne in stage 4 lockdown and between that and the massive hold up in Australian post the official dildo launch is still “coming soon”.

Only it is coming sooner, as I said Eagle has received part of the shipment and is awaiting the rest. As soon as its all there and ready to go both EL and I will be promoting the shit out of it and you know me and my entrepreneur and creative ways – I’ll be coming up with some filthy shit and thinking of ways to include your ass holes!

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