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Happiness doesn’t always come from within.

By September 11, 2020No Comments

This video popped up on my YouTube feed and I thought it is a good video to re-post and talk about.

I have been very open about my own insecurities as a teenager/young man, about who I was and what I looked like. The reason I wanted to post this guys video up is that even though we both started training around the same age of 15, he had much more focus and dedication and because of this his gains and self-confidence grew much quicker than mine. I didn’t start making proper gains or being truly self-confident until almost 10 years later.

I have always struggled to focus or instead of concentrating on one thing, trying to do 10 things at once and never accomplishing anything. I put it down to my ADHD or my personal saboteur. (And discovering and accepting I was a sex-craved homo!)

In any case, this boy had focus and it’s amazing what he has achieved. I completely support this video of his as an example of how happiness or confidence, or loving yourself doesn’t always come from within but can be very physical. The ONLY thing I don’t agree with is when he called himself a “DOUGHBOY” and was only happy when he “Shred” but that’s personal taste.

And if at the end you roll your eyes thinking the video is just emotional blackmail to subscribe to his business, you have never felt the way he or I have, or maybe you have but instead of doing something about it, you decided it was much easier be bitter and cynical instead.

This kid is 20. I’m 40. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to your mental and emotional well being. If you are insecure, if you self-shame, if you don’t love yourself. Today is the day you start doing what you have to do to change that.

(Even in lock-down there are things you can do. Push-ups, chin-ups, squats, lunges, dips, reverse grip chin-ups, sit-ups, crunches, walk, jog, skip, jump on a bicycle, if you have bands even more, if you have a barbell, 2 dumbbells and a few weights even more…)

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