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Social Media.

By September 24, 2020No Comments

I’m surprised at how many people are surprised who Paris really is. If anything it shows how manipulative social media can be and how brain dead society is. Before I lost my 200K+ acc Instagram was the biggest platform for me to manipulate my audience into who I was, what I did, and what I wanted to say, sell and give the world. I’d say the majority of what I show you is authentic. But assuming who anyone is based on their social media is pure stupidity. Social media is a shop front for people who are trying to sell you something, financial, spiritual, or just social.

Even reality tv is fake. Madonna’s Truth Or Dare was the first time a star gave the public an inside look into their (private life) reality. Paris took that concept and made a profession out of it. It’s allowed me and every other social media famous person to not rely on a manager, company, or even legitimate qualifications to achieve success. Ok, so I used sex and my body to achieve success. And by using social media I achieved more in one year than working my ass off for 10 years in the modeling and film industry. If social media was around sooner, I could have achieved so much more.

It’s liberating, vicious, opportunistic, destroying, beautiful, and ugly. At the end of the day, it is what ever you manipulate it to be for you. I hardly look at anyone’s social media cause I’m too busy creating my own. Others live their lives by watching others. I love it and am grateful but that doesn’t mean I respect it or trust it. I’m glad I have a platform to rant on like I am in this post – a juxtaposition in itself – but I don’t give a fuck how many likes or followers you have, or me for that matter. I wasn’t upset when my acc was disabled (5 times) each time was a breath of fresh air. I didn’t make the rules up I just play the game to my advantage. Call me old school but I’ll judge you for who I meet not what I see.

In the meantime, I’ll cont to use social media to build up my brand, make money, entertain, get off, and provoke thought and acceptance and connect globally with the world. Oh, and show off how Fkin hot and amazing I am!

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