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By October 3, 2020No Comments

You know how I feel about these lockdowns if you read my rant in a previous post, so to KEEP YOU GETTING OFF WHILE IN LOCKDOWN my membership is just 6.99 for the month of October.

Dropping on the 6th is PISS FUCK… the 1st of 4 films showing you an EPIC fuck I had with this HOT Lisbon bloke in Madrid last Xmas!

I was invited to a sex party by this guy who I was gonna film with, I was in Paris at the time, I turn up and he tells me there’s a group of guys playing upstairs we can just play by ourselves downstairs or join them. You probably know what my answer was. Anyway, this guy wasn’t the first guy I started messing around with, it actually took a while before I noticed how beastial he was. Once I did the sexual energy between us was wicked. Before leaving the party I asked him, on the off chance, if he would meet me and film for my website site and he said yes! This is the first film from that fuck-a-thon weekend!

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