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People talk a lot of shit about me and my first response to it is, don’t respond, but every now and then fags get extra vicious and start spreading shit that is hurtful to me or people I know. That’s when I won’t sit back and take it, I’ll smash that shit in the face…

The latest is that my fella and I are *slammers. Firstly, my man has NEVER *slammed and as long as he’s with me he never will. I have in the past and I have had my reasons for doing so. I do not like it or have any intentions or need to do it again. It has been well over a year since I have, and anyone who is going around this year claiming that they have been hooking up with me and slamming is talking complete BS and is obviously after desperate attention.

*Slamming – another word for injecting and the practice of dissolving crystal meth or mephedrone in water before injecting it into yourself or someone else.

I will do a VLOG about “chem sex” and my experiences with it soon…

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  • jammer says:

    Hey man *DON’T RESPOND*.No mater how vicious. You’ve voiced your opinion on Crystal Meth and Mephedrone before on your blogs and VLOG’s. It was a choice that you had made to take it and did not meet with everybodys approval ,It did you no favours and made you look more vulnerable than what you are. It’s peoples choice as to their use of CHEM-SEX and as you have stated it’s more prevalent and on the up and up this year more than last. (a lot to do with lock-down) Don’t know who or what has brought this on and rattled your cage (no pun intended),but just *RISE ABOVE IT*and let it go *OVER YOUR HEAD* Please. Don’t give anybody the satisfaction of giving you the reason to have a *RANT*

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