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There’s no better feeling than raw primal fuck.

By November 5, 2020No Comments

We have gone from the classic 70s and 80s retro porn-age, (that I wish I had been part of) into the less atmospheric, down and dirty 90s. From over-stylized main-stream studios to the back-alley, filthy ones, to finally the models turning the camera on themselves. There’s something great in every style and era but the majority of it is forgettable. Even boring. When I started my site, pre OF and JFF, I wanted to make the kind of films that would get my cock hard and dripping. And the only way I knew how to do that was to film real sex with real men, not models. It’s why I moved away from the industry to do my own thing. Now everyone is doing their own thing but I carry on trying to explore my sexual fantasies and fetishes and push my limits. Then sometimes I just film me having a good old fashioned hot fuck session and hope the bestial passion and primal hunger that feeds my addiction to drill fuck holes with my huge throbbing cock and make men surrender to it in pure ecstasy, comes through the film and into your pants. And I get you off every time you come back to watch me fuck.

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