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My latest Cockfight film just dropped where I get together with TOP/VERS guys to film us playing with our cocks. I know, I know, I have stated many times I am not into dick, and I’m not, 95% of any hook I have I won’t notice or touch the guy’s cock. And for my total bottom pigs that is A – OK! Every now and then I meet a guy who has a pretty impressive good looking cock. I can still admire a thick piece of meat even if I’m not turned on by it. But I am turned on by comparing our cocks and slamming them together. (I was very much into CBT before my PA was ripped pit and I can no longer do that, well I can do ball torture, just not cock.) So that’s why I created my Cockfight series, It’s still just in the beginning phase and I have so much more I want to do and explore with RO-RI films based purely on cock play. Enjoy the latest one now on my XXX page.

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