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The Last Pornstar.

By January 7, 2021August 17th, 2022No Comments

Believe it or not, I was never interested in porn or ever being in the industry. Besides the initial commercial films, I made with the then major studios which I did only to create a fan base as quickly as possible, I have relatively stayed on the sidelines, dwelling in that area of amateur porn that has since become the new mainstream. Though I have also avoided being part of the OF/JFF machine. This hasn’t stopped me from developing a hardcore following, I must be doing something right in terms of social presence with the number of haters, stalkers, and crazies I have gathered over the years. Porn has opened the door to so many opportunities I would not have had without it and is primarily the reason I am able to be Rogan Richards as a full-time career. I will always respect the industry and be thankful for that. When I decided to start my website, I knew the driving force for people would be my porn films and I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to sustain that demand unless I was filming raw, horny fucks rather than making raw, horny fuck films. (Did you catch the difference cause I do when I try to watch porn and can’t get hard.) You see, I fuck when and who with because I want to, not because I needed to post something that week.

This has left me often frustrated with an internal battle between the sexual character in me and the business character I have had to create to allow myself to keep doing what I love to do. It has also broadened my sexual escapades exponentially and made me try a lot of things that I may not have. The drawback which I found in 2020… besides all the other crap that was goin on, and admittedly a little more chem usage than I should have done, I found myself failing to one engage with sex on film like I used to and filming anything I was really proud about. Besides a couple of films that were extremely FKIN hot! I also found my style was changing from jackhammer verbal DOM to bestial, passionate grunting TOP. I no longer had to verbally control my bottom I just physically did it or rather physically manipulated the sex to how I wanted it to be… This was more emotionally powerful to do but less theatrical to capture on film and I wasn’t too sure if my followers would “get it” till I was sent a message on SCRUFF today that said, “The way you fuck !!!! It’s amazing… You can see you like to fuck but at the same time, the way you touch your bottom, you can see respect. I always say I want to be fucked and respected Not many tops do like you do in your video !!!” It’s funny, even though DOM play and degradation does turn me on and get me hard, I’m more likely to roll my eyes when I client or root tells me “I want you to rape me!” or “Fuck me through the wall!” Maybe I just don’t like being told how to fuck someone, and there’s a huge difference between an enthusiastic bottom and a demanding bottom. Them demanding ones can fuck right off.

So as we move into yet another lockdown, fucked up year, what difference is 2021 going to have on my sexual adventures? How will I reconnect with my fuck films in a way that will be truthful, super filthy, and fun at the same time? What new fetish’s will I explore or return to. I definitely know I wanna get through my “To film” list and do more muscle worship, fight porn, and fuck as many hot men as I can! And god-dammit let’s get some FKIN orgies happening! And interaction with my fans/followers. I don’t wanna room full of boring OF guys, much rather make a call out on BBRT and get anon tops to come load up a bottom I keep pumping in between getting 10 loads then finishing him off – or as many anon subs to come in and service me.

So what’s on that “To film” list? Well amongst it is a proper rimming film – focussed completely on a guy rimming my hole till I cum. Proper pits film – same deal. More tit play stuff, MUSCH MORE! More cockfights, jack off films – or using sub bottoms with tops. Epic length films – like one-shot face fucking for 15 minutes or as long as it takes to make me blow. 24hr fucking a guy or a whole weekend. FK with the right guy how about a wee- long fuck fest inc. occasional other guys joining in. More FMF films. And cross-dressing, Bi or F2M films. I would say way more fisting BUT I don’t think fisting translates to film. I find FF films boring to watch and the ones I’ve done are fine but that’s because I get bored quickly and shove my cock back into the guy’s hole – I am getting heaps more into FF but not so much into filming it. Maybe I’ll keep doin the combo Fist’n’cock fucking type films…

How about you? What do you want to sexually explore in 2021? What do you want to see me explore or do? Let me know in the comment section or via my social media platforms. (No, I’m not gonna FKIN bottom, rolls eyes.)

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