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My avid followers know that I tried making an Only Fans years ago and they totally fucked me over. It was around the time where the platform was having a few difficulties and several models were complaining that they weren’t getting paid. This happened to me and as I have no patience I cancelled my account and lost over 2000USD of my initial earnings. I swore I hated Only Fans and would never make a new account.

So what happened?

I have for awhile been thinking of creating a JFF/OF platform but there were two reasons that stopped me. First, I don’t have any FKIN spare time! Between running my brand, trying to get my merchandise up and running on my shop page, filming my XXX films and finally creating my online coaching platform at my website. Add to all this trying to be active on social media throughout the day and follow up on Custom videos, Cam shows… the list just goes on! Then, and more importantly, I didn’t want to sway potential website members away from my site and I was trying to figure out how to clearly differentiate the two platforms.

In the end I managed to find a way to manage my Muscle Gorilla Ro-Ri Only Fans without it taking up (too much) extra time in my day. I also decided to take another chance on the platform that screwed me over as it was the more popular and better known of the choices I had. This was purely a marketing decision. As for the website conflict I’m approaching my Only Fans as a good way to allow those fans who aren’t quite ready to join my site, but are curious about me, an easy way to have a glimpse into the world of my sex adventures, gym workouts and muscle worship along with all my solo videos I have collected of myself over the last decade. Which in turn could ignite their hunger to then join my official website to experience a more hardcore uncensored look into my animalistic fucks, piggy fetish’s, brutal bodybuilding and all things muscle gorilla RO-RI!

Like everything I do. It’s a new chapter, a new adventure and I will evolve along with my members, to see where this takes us… One thing I know for sure, wether it continues to grow into global domination or peaks and dies in the ass, it will be a FKIN HOT RIDE!

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