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“It’s ALL about the FLEX now!

By April 19, 2021No Comments

It was Garden City shopping centre, 1990, as a sweaty, over enthusiastic teenager reached down into his pocket to check that the letter that wold change his life was still there and hadn’t disappeared since he had last checked less than a minute ago. He was one of many who were lined up to meet Australias latest pop sensation Dannii Minogue who was signing her debut album. Like most of Australia he had grown up watching Dannii on the hugely successful, Young Talent Time Show. (Think the Aussie version of the Mickey Mouse Club). She had just released her first single Love and Kisses that was his favourite song and that he was in the process of learning the choreography too by playing back the VHS dubbed clip continuously in the lounge room to his mums enjoyment. He was getting closer to the stage with only three people separating him and his pop icon. He reached down this time pulling out the four page letter from his pocket. A letter he had painstakingly written over the last few days that would explain to Dannii why he HAD to be one of her backup dancers and change his life forever!

It was his turn and he was ushered onto the stage and towards Dannii’s huge warm smile. Time seemed to move into fast forward, it was all happening too fast, a wave of nerves swept over him, but as Dannii finished signing his album and was handing it back to him he fumbled the letter towards her. What the fuck he said is anyones guess but Dannii politely took the letter from the nervous shaking boys hands and the boy was moving away, back off the stage away from one of the most amazing moments in his life.

Twenty one years later Dannii Minogue finally responded to his letter…

Instead that boy grew up to be a huge, smelly gorilla daddy and gay sex GOD! And all you guys have Dannii to thank!

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