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It’s funny how many guys I approach online to fuck who always say but I don’t like it that rough. Or but you’re too rough for me. The reputation of fucking like a full blasting steam-train started when I was doing studio porn. Because the sex was directed and usually very un-sexual the only way I could get hard was to fuck really hard cause there was no room of any kind of personal connection or intimacy. Now I’m not saying I don’t destroy holes in my personal life and on my website but if you watch the films at my website you will see a vast level of different levels of sexual intensity from passionate to intense.

In fact when I hook up with a guy now and they say “I want you to rape me!” or “I want you to fuck me through the wall!” First I roll my eyes then I get kinda get turned off. I am not attracted to power bottoms. I am attracted to piggy bottoms. Whats the difference? A power bottom wants it harder and harder. A piggy bottom just wants cock and more cock. Fucking at that high intense level consistently only makes my cock soft. You need to treat sex like a rollercoaster ride where it goes up and down and is a physical and mental journey. I don’t think anything feels better than when I slowly slide my thick meat in and out of a guys hole then slowly push it as deep as I can get it inside him and hold it there. Depending on the angle you are at I have made guys blow like that without touching their cocks.

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