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So before I wanted to be a sex god globally worshipped and lusted after my dream was to be a Disney animator. Though my favourite animated film isn’t from Walt, it’s The Secret of N.I.M.H by Don Bluth, I guess he originated from Disney. Anyway I was a straight A grade student in art (and nothing else) and my family thought they had the next Frank Frazetta growing up in their house. For some reason when I left high school I abruptly stopped drawing and started writing. Screen plays and the first several chapters of about fifteen potentially best selling novels. So when artists started drawing me I was absolutely stoked! I couldn’t get a greater compliment. From the scribbles of a teenager fan to the high quality of greatly talented artists.

Alonso Mena is one of the artists who’s drawings of me blew me away and I fell in love with instantly. He, like most every other artist that has drawn me, has always been so friendly and easy going when I have interacted with him.
Check out  Alo’s Instagram here and here. And his Twitter here. He also happens to be based in Spain so maybe I might even get to meet him in person.

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