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The other day my mate was HIV shammed. This was made extremely worse cause it was his family which is going to hurt regardless of the facts. But the facts are if someone is HIV shamming you they are ignorant, stupid or vicious. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You might think it is easy for a negative person to say this, but trust me I have been HIV shammed, regardless of my status, constantly since I allowed myself to be judged on a public arena. And though I don’t know what it is like to have HIV I know many people who do and I know all too well what shame feels like. I have been made to feel ashamed of my skin colour, my voice, my dick size (this one seems so stupid now, especially cause it was self caused!) and my sexuality.

Remember NO ONE CAN SHAME YOU UNLESS YOU ARE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Life isn’t easy and the truth can be harder. But I believe to truly live is to find your truth, accept it, live it and love it. We are conditioned to feel bad about loving ourselves which is ridiculous and if more people love themselves they wouldn’t be hating on others. So please find love for yourself and STOP SELF SHAMMING!

image was a photograph I made for the Thorne Harbour Health (formerly Victorian AIDS Council) exhibition feat my mate Dingo.

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