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FLUFF’S POEM the music

By June 1, 2021August 13th, 2022No Comments

Anyone who follows my Blog knows music plays a HUGE part in the soundtrack to my life. Fluffy used to always say he would know how I was feeling through the music I would play. Like most of the things I do, Fluff’s poem was filled with in-jokes and moments in our relationship, that though would read like a normal line in the poem, only he and I would know the true meaning. I also find songs spark my creativity, for example Between Two Worlds was playing when I started writing his poem and is heavily referenced. Also Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle was a big song in our relationship that represented one of our lowest and highest moments. It’s also my fav JJ song and subjected that poor boy to it repeatedly. And lastly I mention Hilary Duff, she has a lyric in her song Stranger which resonates greatly in how I try to approach my relationships and have blogged about before.

Why the fuck you wanna read or hear these song fuck knows, why do I share any or all the shit I do with you guys… I know some of you empathize with me, some of you like seeing this human side to the animal fuck hole destroyer and some of you probably don’t even read this shit and wait for the next cock pick or video. But anyway here are the 3 songs that was the soundtrack to that poem.

I’m sorry I couldn’t do this for you Fluff.

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