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OF has added public sex to their long list of restricted content. Piss, bondage and “extreme” fisting being amongst them. Though I’m confused is romantic fisting allowed? As OF keeps gaining popularity their rules and restrictions keep following suit. This would frustrate me if I didn’t have my website but works in my favour because I have my website. The most frustrating thing is taming myself down in order to film with other OF models. I just edited a super FKIN hot scene with Roc Barcelona  that had intended tp post on my OF this Saturday for his Bday. But now it will be exclusive to my website only.

It makes me wonder where is OF headed…? If these restrictions continue to grow is there a place for OF in the porn industry or will there be another shit to a new platform or some kind of mutant cross breed between the OF construct and the old porn studio system. I’m sure all the guys who started an account because it was easier than updating their resume will just suck it up and find a “normal” job and those who are actually passionate about what they do will have to create their won sites like their King. I have a KIKASS web creators number I can give you!

Time will tell. BUT in the mean time I’ll keep posting what I can on OF and posting what ever the fuck I want on my website.

Next month check out the RO-RI film “Blowie on a Balcony!” feat Roc Barcelona

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