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SO… as it is MOTU MON and I know a few of you are curious to hear what I thought of the new series that just dropped at Netflix. Well, I only watched one ep. (Which is a good indication of what I’m gonna say next.) I could have easily turned the ep off for the first quarter and only really paid full attention right at the end when finally something different from what we’ve seen 100 times before happened. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when you re-hash something (multiple times! Elm Street, Halloween, Alien now He Man) I expect something originally creative. And with all these re-hashes I am usually left asking, “Why?”
An amazing example is Fright Night. The original was released in 1985. It was KIKASS! (there was guilty pleasurable sequel released in 1988 that is best known for a rollerskating vampire. Why the fuck a vampire who can fly needs roller skates sums up this film in one amazing scene!) It was re-hashed in 2011 and it was also KIKASS! it took the skeleton of the original and gave it a smart, witty face-lift, making it relevant for a new modern audience. All the characters we loved were back and the story pretty much stays true to the original but the way it is told is brand new. (There was a sequel to this film which I honestly only discovered now while writing this article so I’s assuming it isn’t very good but I will check it out now that I know it exists.)
I had little expectations of the new He Man and I wasn’t disappointed. I will watch the other 3 or 4 episodes when I have nothing better to do but I’m in no rush.

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