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My USB ports on my laptop have both blown the shits, took my laptop to apple and they said they cant fix it, I have to buy a new laptop. So the issue I have is the system I have been using for ever is I import my photos from my phone to my comp then from my comp to my hard drives, where I edit them and post them up on my site or social media. But I can no longer do this. And now that I have the new iPhone 12 Pro Max I cant attach my phone to my laptop either.

That’s why I asked my cash slaves/subs/any generous person to buy me a new laptop. And though I had many people say they would if the had the money it doesn’t seem my fan base extends to many sugar daddies, or ones that want to buy me a laptop in any case.

This is why I haven’t been posting much lately, that, and I have been non-stop traveling and organising my life…

I’ve avoided the cloud, for no real reason other than I have always been used to using Hard Drives. But I guess i will look into starting to save my stuff on the cloud. I thought of DropBox but it’s not very user friendly, or I’m just tech dumb and can’t figure out how to get the albums from my drop box to my iPhones photo albums. (I guess I’ll ask YouTube) Anyway thought I’d give you guys a lil explanation…

I’m doing everything I can to get my life back on track after the mess my last breakup left it and me. And some stability will help and I will get back onto getting on top of my social media and my regular posts on here and my new Only Fans.

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