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the content keeps building up…

By November 3, 2021No Comments

I know you guys are like, just release it! AND I will! You may have read on my other social media platforms my ¨GET ME IN YOU¨ tour has been very successful, which is great on one hand and bad on the other as it has left me little to no time for my website up-keep. And has drained me physically. I guess this is what Madonna was talking about when she refers to how gruelling the Blonde Ambition tour was. So I´ve postponed the second half of my tour till 2022 and am going home to Madrid, to focus on YOU guys, and the gym and having a little free time again.

I appreciate your patience (you guys haven´t had it half as bad as my poor Only Fans followers.) and I will be back to smashing hot or funny or what ever content out in a week or so once I´m home.

ALSO all those patient customers waiting on Custom Videos and Shop Items – They will be with you as soon as I get back to Madrid. Your patience and understanding is extremely appreciated.

In the meantime check out this footage coming my XXX page here on my website.


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