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Keeping in theme with the latest film to drop at my XXX page called Epic Wank, here´s a clip of me playing with me and another blokes cock. So… I´m in Paris and this muscle daddy gets me over to smash his hot muscle sub bottom. (A lot of tops get off on watching me smash their subs/pups/boys… seeing how much pleasure the guys get from my cock and how well I destroy them.) So I´m with these two guys who are as chilled and friendly as they are sexy and piggy and I finally notice the daddy´s dick. It takes me some time cause as you know I´m not into any dick other than my own so I never pay attention to that general area of a guy. When I finally do I see that his dick looks exactly like mine! Just the white version. I have never plaid so much attention to another dudes dick as I did this fellas that night. I asked him if he was a pumper and he said yes which made sense why we our monster cocks were so similar.

He said he would be up for filming something with me next time I´m in Paris so you guys might be into a treat next time I visit there. I can call the film, Twin Fuckers! Cocks from another Mutha! The list goes on…

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