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What ROC said at the end of this clip was, people on Twitter had said to him that they didn’t like his film with me because they’re not into chem sex.

It’s sad to know people think this kind of intense sex can only be achievable on drugs. The blatant truth is most guys do use drugs to have ¨wild¨ or ¨piggy¨ sex. The psychological use of chems in gay sex has become so wide spread its become its own individualised fetish. People will choose a sexual encounter on wether chems is involved or not. Guys not only want to get themselves high but they have to get the person they’re with high. As a sex worker I see this a lot, clients will get guys over to get them high, the sex is secondary. Or the insane need to want to be ¨more piggy¨ by getting ¨more high¨ so that person will keep taking more and more and telling the person they’re with to do the same. When all they are in fact doing is passing the point of being high and increasingly getting messier and messier to the point where they are incapacitated. What was a shameful aspect of gay sex is now a social norm. The scary thing is for a lot of guys before they realise it they’re dependant on it for any type of sexual activity.

I recently went to meet a guy for sex and for the first hour he kept wanting to just snort, smoke, take what ever was available to get ready to have sex with me in-between trying to find what porn to play on the TV. He kept asking me what porn I want to watch and I was, ¨I don’t watch porn, I watch us.¨ but that didn’t stop him scrolling through the porn channels for ages. I once went to a group and everyone sat there for over an hour while porn played on the tv and no one was doing anything. I finally tried to instigate something with a guy expecting everyone else to join in but they just sat there watching and taking drugs. I’m an exhibitionist, but I wasn’t there to perform or to fuck a guy, I was expecting group action, so I just gave up and left.

This is NOT an anti-drug message and I am not going to say that I am sober in all my films. In the past few years I have found it increasingly harder to have the type of sex I want without hooking up with guys who want to get high because they can’t have that type of sex sober. In turn I have found myself using more than I’d like to admit. Sober sex Is not impossible to find, just harder.

If you free yourself of all inhibitions, insecurities and stop being self conscious you can achieve almost all or any type of sex sober. Of course if I’m going to shove my cock, sack, fist and foot up a guys ass hole and he says he needs to get high to take all that and how rough I give it, I’m not going to judge him or blame him for needing to. But I have met guys who have extreme active sexual lives and are sober.

Of course it helps if you and are having sex with someone who
1. insanely turns you on.
2. you have sexual chemistry with

So I wanted those guys to know that ROC and I have been completely sober every time we have fucked and filmed. The intensity and passion you see in our videos is just the sexual animals we bring out of each other naturally.

You can see me and ROC Barcelona´s films at my XXX page. We have 2 RO-RI films, ¨Blowie on a Balcony¨and ¨Pissing on ROC¨ and the film ¨Fucking ROC part one¨ also check out ROC´s Only Fans and ROC´s Just For Fans.

The clip attached to this post is to the upcoming XXX film ¨ROGAN fucks ROC¨

If you think you have a problem with chem use please tell someone. Shame may keep you from reaching out to a friend or family but there are a lot of call and walk in centres available to you. Below is a list of Resource centres that you can call as a starting base.

London – Dean Street  +44 020 3315 5656.

France – AIDES. +33 (0) 7 62 93 22 29

Spain – Stop Sida. +34 93 452 24 35.

Amsterdam – GGD. +31 020 555 5911.

Berlin – Mancheck. +49 (0)30 44 66 88 – 114.

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