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My TRAMP tattoo has fast become my fav tattoo I have. It just makes me smile every time I remember its there. You can see the photoshoot I did of it at my PHOTOGRAPHY page now.

It originated from a picture I saw at a tattoo salon of Bambi´s face surrounded by flowers and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. For some reason the image stayed in my head and I thought it would be so much fun getting such a cute image inked on me, the KING of the BEAST DADDIES! And even more ridiculous was getting it on my ass!

I had the idea of getting the Australia made logo inked on my ass cheek years ago. I´m glad I never did.

But as much as I love Bambi I don´t have such a great affiliation with the Bambs. I immediately thought of some images I had posted up of the Tramp recently and knew straight away it had to be him! I have an ongoing joke with Dingo that he is Lady and I´m the Tramp. Also his and my characteristics do align.  So I took the image to the guy I get all my ink done by when I´m in Madrid, Pikaro Tattoo and he adapted the original image into the one that adorned my thick muscle rump today.

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