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10 years on and still in the TOP 10!

By January 3, 2022No Comments

TOP 20 Most Popular Gay Porn Stars of 2021

I prob had one of my worst years in a long time last year but at least my fucks were still getting you guys off! After 10 years of being in this industry I really appreciate that I am still in the top 10 list, besides Paddy, all the guys that were in this list when I started are long gone and I it´s because of my KIKASS fans and followers that I am still one of the best known porn stars today. I know my stuff isnt main stream but you guys support me so passionately and I have always said there´s no me without you. So me being number 6 on this list is contributed completely to you guys. Thank you so much for still getting off to me and my sexual adventures.

And a huge thanks to Queer Pig who also has been super supportive of me since day one and continues to be the best online site for porn updates and promotion.

I am excited to move into 2022 with renewed motivation to keep pushing my sexual boundaries and exploring my fetish´s old and new in more hardcore and animalistic ways at my website and to update the look and feel very soon. As well as developing my Only Fans with much more commercial content with other OF guys and solo videos and behind the scenes and extra footage clips from the films at my website. It´s been a slow start to my OF but I am doing my best to get it on track and smashing out content as hard and hot as I smash ass!

I started 2022 with Covid and nerve damage to my shoulder, which is going to take some time to heal but I plan on continuing to push myself as a bodybuilder to grow thicker lean hard muscle while keeping my lean vascular physique. And to fuck even harder, animalistic and passionate than ever. And continue to expand my photography and music video directing. And continue to grow my relationship with my fans with more interaction and personal contact with all you guys.

My new years resolution was to to stop making decisions that cause drama in my life and to get a better focus on myself and my brand. (No more boy friends!) And to finally get a home base.

I can´t wait to share all this with you guys who will be with me every fuck, flex and edit of the way!

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