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So I gotta go in for a scan to see if the nerve damage in my delt may be spine related. I was determined that 2022 would be a great year but so far it’s been one kick in the face after another. I didn’t realise how much physicality plays into every aspect of my career, not to mention my self confidence and personal affirmation. It’s been esp hard not to allow this to cause a major bout of depression. And all I’ll say is it’s been a personal battle with not allowing sex (and chems that are attached to it) to be a major escape and spiral out of control. So that’s where I’m fkin at. How’s your life? I’ve always said you can’t change what people do to you or what life throws at you. The only control you have if how you react. But fk it’s hard to stay posted it I’ve when all you feel is dispair. Im just thankful I’ve got a Fkin good sense of humour. And in a time when the world is falling into chaos around me, complaining that I can’t lift in the gym seems trivial. But every persons struggles are individual to his life experience and environment.

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