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With the MAY 2022 RELAUNCH of my website, it has made me think about my brand and what I actually want to achieve with it besides having fun fucking my way through life and sharing my fucks with all of you. I knew when I decided to continue doing porn independently I had to approach it differently. It had to be real.

I think one of the hardest things I had to learn when I started filming porn was cuming on demand. I remember at first i would have to fake it. Have a condom filled with, fuck knows what they gave me, hidden in my hand, under my cock, so when I was meant to cum I would squeeze the condom hard enough to have the liquid burst out and TA-DA! My cum shot! Another time they filled a guy´s mouth with something that looked like cum then I pretended to blow in his mouth. When I pulled my cock outta his mouth it was covered in the fake cum and it dripped it out the side of his mouth. Men At Play, bless their accommodating hearts, figured out that I could cum if everyone left the room. So they would film me up until I was “meant” to blow and even film my face pretending to cum made believable by my incredible talented acting skills, then set up the camera on my cock and leave the room for me to blow. When I shot #RUFDUP. they did this. Landon shot his load first as the bottom then they did my facial and then everyone walked out of the room. Landon was still on his back on the change-room bench, spread-eyed with me between his muscular legs. I had to cum on his abs. He started to get up and I stopped him. He looked confused saying, ¨But we´re taking a break…?¨ Indicating the mass exodus. I replied, “No, they´re all leaving so I can cum.¨ He was bewildered saying he hadn´t ever seen that before. I responded, “Just lie there and be quiet.¨And did what I had to do. It was the super FKIN hot and legendary Jake Deckard who told me to just close my eyes, block everything out and think of the filthiest fantasy you can to get you there then… explode! I used this technique for every legitimate cum shot afterwards.

By the end of my studio films I struggled to even get or stay hard because I could no longer be directed. So I knew doing my own films it had to be 100% real fucks I wanted to have and how I wanted to have them!

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