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❌ meeting clients
❌ meeting models to film

My website will keep smashing it as always, but there will no longer be:
❌ sweaty gear
❌ Cam shows
❌Custom videos

Only Fans will stay active, although there will be changes to content releases and membership rates.

Im pretty sure you have read whats happened by now but if you didn’t see one of my posts heres the deal;

2 weekends ago I was submitted into hospital with what could have been, (AND this was self diagnosing…) syphilis, food poisoning, shigella, or intoxication from taking too much ibuprofen (I didn’t realise the strength!)

What it ended up being was a severe pneumonia infection that started in my lungs, then spread to my heart and other organs. In no time I was submitted into ICU where I was treated for a week.

I am now in the general ward and doing heaps better! Better enough to start getting back on line and updating my pages and profiles…. I even went for walk today!

As my strength grows I will write more about my recovery and about the effects this is going to have on you guys.

Stay tuned.

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