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I have had so many messages from guys telling me they never knew that they were into feet until they saw the foot worship content I have been posting up! I cant tell you how cool those messages make me feel. If I can introduce someone to a new fetish and also help them be proud and confident in exploring that fetish then I am really humbled and really turned on. It´s one thing to produce fuck films that just get people off but to influence, educate, introduce or encourage a person to explore them selves sexually has so much more impact on me as a sexually gay active man on film. Especially coming from a history of being very self shamming, shy and too scared to be who I was or do what I wanted to do sexually. Even I am still being introduced to new fetishes and kinks and loving exploring myself in these different situations. Or trying to push my limits even further!

From your piggy sex KING – find your kinks, explore them, embrace them, be proud of them and love them.

Check out the RORI film Foot Master at my XXX page now as well as all the others…

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