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As the picture shows I am getting my strength back. I was alone in my room for 48 hrs and even managed to wank out a bunch of loads, how ever waisted.

For those who haven´t read my previous posts, I was hospitalised for pneumonia but am in recovery now. I had a pleural effusion in my lungs so they stuck a tube into the side of my chest and attached a box to me so that they could drain it. If nothing gets worse they even said I might  get to go home soon. But my recovery will take awhile, I have pretty much blocked out the rest of the year and will go hitch up with my fella in London. To be honest I am looking forward to the (forced) holiday, the first in almost over a decade.

As I already mentioned I will no longer be available for escorting services. I also obviously wont be filming fuck films with guys BUT luckily I have a heap of fucks I have yet to finish editing and to post! As soon as I can start exercising again I will get my used gear back on my shop page. As for CAM or CUSTOM videos, dont expect to be doing those again til the new year. ***There are a few old ones that I will get done and to the patient sub pigs who are waiting for them.

Massive thank you to all the supportive messages and FLEX LOV!


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