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So why join my Only Fans if you are a member of my website? Personally I think Only Fans is a croc of shit BUT it is the MacDonalds of porn and silly for me not to have an account. It took me awhile to figure out exactly what to do with it but in the end it allowed me a platform to post a lot of rough, spur of the moment clips, mostly solo of me being me. I also have to thank it for making me relaunch this official website in 2022 and make the focus much more fetish and kink based which I plan to dive into cock, fist and foot first in 2023 beginning with my return to my home country of Australia in Jan and Feb ´23 where I will start filming again since pneumonia made me take a forced holiday.

SO if I was a shop, my Only Fans  would be the shop front, on the main street, with easy access. Fast food, commercial collectibles, popular vinyl and day to day specials! And a unmarked door in the back wall of this shop would open up to a dimly lit passageway, that you have to walk down, to discover the back shop, which is this, my official website. A, you need to know its there and where to find it, establishment that provides gourmet food, more specific collectibles, cult vinyls and deliberate product with a scheduled release.

Anyway my Only Fans is just 50% off for the month of December, so who gives a fuck? Just go join it and see for your self!


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